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Today’s Wedding Wednesday blog post is from our friends at Wedding Daze wedding planners.  Emma explains all about getting married abroad below, as a Vegas bride herself she certainly knows what she is talking about believe me!

Deciding to marry at home or abroad?

Before couples start planning their wedding celebration we often get asked for our advice on marrying in the UK or marrying abroad. It is a difficult decision, often choosing to marry abroad means having a small number of friends and family that can attend. On the other hand, many weddings abroad can be combined with your honeymoon! Below are a few points to help you decide…..

Wedding photographer sheffield, destination weddings, california weddingWedding photographer sheffield, destination weddings, california wedding



















Wedding photographer sheffield, destination weddings, california wedding

The Wedding Daze can help you plan your wedding abroad – particularly in California/Las Vegas, click the link here to find out more.

Thanks Emma for this guest post.

We are always happy to photograph destination weddings and have done this in 2011 when we travelled to Temecula in California to photograph Eleanor and Liam’s wedding, check out their gallery here and the images above. Contact us for more details on overseas packages.

Of course we love a good British wedding too (particularly ones that involve tea and cake!) . The images below are from weddings in two of our favourite churches in Sheffield – we have some lovely churches and fantastic buildings in the UK for getting married.

Wedding photographer sheffield, ranmoor church wedding sheffieldWedding photographer sheffield, ecclesall parish church wedding sheffield












Personally I think one of the main advantages of getting married abroad is getting married outdoors – this is still not legal in the UK which is such a shame. We will be publishing a blog post soon about outdoor weddings.

Did you decide to marry at home or abroad, what were your reasons? Leave a comment on the blog to tell us about it.

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  1. As a Las Vegas Bride & Groom we are all for weddings abroad. The main reason we decided to marry in Vegas was so we could combine our wedding and honeymoon – we went travelling on the Californian coast. After working at lots of weddings in the UK I can see the attraction of marrying here, lots more friends can attend and the UK has lots of beautiful country houses, churches, barns and quirky venues – it really is a tough choice!

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