Paul and I just got back from a nice break in London visiting family and seeing all the sights, I am sure we averaged about 10 miles walking each day; exhausted! Of course we had to experience what it was like to travel first class on the train; we were not dissapointed with constant cups of tea, free papers and shortbread!

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We took a great boat tip up the Thames at night and the city looked so pretty all lit up. We also went to London Zoo where we met some really cute meercats – wonder if Jasper the cat would mind if I brought one back!
Managed to see two shows; Blood Brothers and the Lady in Black, ate loads of lovely sushi and had a fab meal out in one of Gordon Ramsey’s pubs; the Narrow.
Back up North now in sunny Sheffield 🙂

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  1. Andrew says:

    Wow! I LOVE those first two black and whites! The animals are cute too!

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