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Today’s Wedding Wednesday blog post is all about ideas for diy projects you can incorporate into your wedding day. With the recession biting, some of our savvy brides are saving money by making wedding details themselves. Not only are they saving money but they are also making their weddings much more personal and unique.

I’m sharing some photos from our previous weddings of fantastic diy details our brides and their families have spent hours making – I’m sure you will agree that the end results were more than worth the broken nails from all the sewing!

Below left is an amazing tablecloth hand sewn with buttons for Beth & David’s wedding. The middle is a fab idea for favours and a centrepiece – I LOVE sweets! On the right is the cutest handmade love hearts – we loved how Louise & Gordon hung these on the end of the pews in church – each one was different with lots of cute messages on them.










You can click on the pictures to see full galleries from the weddings and get more fab ideas for your big day. There are many wedding blogs filled with more inspiration for diy projects for you to get stuck into. Try Love my Dress, Ruffled or the queen of diy Martha Stewart for lots of ideas.

You can take things a step further by making your own bouquet out of buttons and wire as our bride Julie did – see image below right.  A lot of work but your bouquet will last forever! Here is an online tutorial from Offbeat Bride on how to make a button bouquet.


We would love to hear about your ideas for diy projects for your wedding day so leave us a comment below.

As for me – I am off to try and make some hearts for the nursery for the imminent arrival of baby Haigh!


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