Baby Ruby Mae

We had been waiting 9 days as patiently as possible past poor Emma’s due date for baby Ruby Haigh to be born so it was very exciting to get a text to find out she had finally arrived!

Despite being overdue Ruby Mae was so tiny but has not stopped drinking milk since and we were happy to pop over to see the happy parents for some photos a week later. Armed with a collection of baby hats and my legendary patience we had a great day. Of course we had plenty of time for changing nappies and feeding breaks. With Christmas almost upon us we decided it would be a good idea to put poor Ruby into a stocking!

We ended the shoot with a few photos of the happy (but tired!) family.

Paul and I love our new niece, she is another fantastic addition to the Haigh clan and I can’t wait for my baby currently tucked away in its bump to meet Ruby next year!



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  1. Lisa Owen says:

    The baby is so cute! Cant wait till i have my own!

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